Home Inspections in Monticello, IL

home-inspectionsBefore you buy a home, it’s smart to know what you’re getting into. A home inspection in Monticello, IL is the best way to get the low-down on the home you’re about to buy, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you finally sign on the dotted line. A home inspection can eliminate costly surprises and will help make sure you’re safe when it comes to making a major investment.

Professional Improvements and Home Inspection Services LLC provides comprehensive inspection services for prospective homeowners. We observe every part of the home systematically, so nothing is overlooked. From the foundation to the roof, we’ll paint a clear picture of exactly what kind of condition your potential home is in. Our team is fully licensed for home inspection services in Monticello, IL and has been providing this service for decades.

Thorough, Accurate Inspections

home-inspectionOur foremost focus with any home inspection is being thorough. From testing outlet polarity to making sure the tub drains properly, many homeowners are surprised at the level of granular detail we bring to our analysis of your home!

In addition to the little things, we also make sure you’re fully aware of the big items—including the condition of the roof, foundation, HVAC system, plumbing and electrical. Our inspections will alert you to where repairs or upgrades need to be made, or where they’ve recently been made. We can even help you avoid sinking money into a bad investment by shining a light on major problems that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

We Walk You Through it

We take pride in making homeowners aware of everything in the inspection process. We’re more than happy to answer questions and will take the time to explain oddities and irregularities to you, in a way that helps you understand them. We’ll also make sure you know the good things we find! When the inspection is over, we guarantee you’ll have a complete picture of the home you’re about to buy.

Before you sign on for a mortgage or make the investment in a home, make sure you’re getting a home inspection first. Contact Professional Improvements and Home Inspection Services LLC today at 217-762-8000 to get peace of mind before you buy.